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OPINION: Some things to ponder

There's a push to change laws to permit both criminals serving time and ex-criminals the right to vote. Guess which party is pushing the most for these legal changes. If you guessed that it was the Democrats, go to the head of the class. Bernie … more

OPINION: Sen. Hollings' legacy will endure

They called him the "senator from central casting." Former U.S. Sen. Ernest "Fritz" Hollings looked the part. He acted the part. He sounded the part. But his record and legacy are much deeper than that. He is toward the top of the list with … more

Opinion: Sumter won't change unless all its residents change first

Sumter 2040: The future, like a runaway train, is approaching fast. The terrible happenings are caused by "we the people." As many religious people should believe, the devil is in us. Sumter won't … more

Opinion: If health care system isn't broken, why start over with new system?

All the hype appears to be with the Affordable Care Act (known as Obamacare). Let's look at the health insurance coverage in the United States. Using 2017 population data, here is the coverage: (1) … more

Opinion: The fishy case of Julian Assange and his arrest

WASHINGTON - They say that guests are like fish; after three days, they become a bit whiffy. By this measure, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange smelled like an overladen fishing vessel adrift in the searing sun. Upon his arrest Thursday by British … more

Opinion: Children's education shouldn't be a socio-economic, political issue

When you are entitled to a whole loaf of bread, but you only get half, is half a loaf better than nothing? The Sumter School District is entitled to a cumulative increase … more

Sen. Hollings was bright, bold and blunt in his role

Growing up in Sumter, I knew of Sen. Ernest F. Hollings, but I did not meet him until 1966 when he came to Washington after winning a special election for the Senate seat that was held by the late Sen. Olin D. Johnston. I was a third-year law … more

Opinion: Yes, America needs walls. But the country is not 'full.'

WASHINGTON - President Trump is 100 percent correct that there is a crisis on our southern border. And he is absolutely right when he says some migrants are abusing our asylum laws. But he is dead wrong when he declares, in what has become his … more

Opinion: Board members owe Sumter residents an apology

I noted in today's Item that the school board thinks it needs a large tax increase from Sumter County. This is really confusing. They recently implied that they had enough money to reopen an unnecessary school despite declining student enrollment. … more

OPINION: How politics have changed in the past 6 decades

I became active in politics in the late 1950s, got elected to Congress in 1964 and have remained engaged in one way or another every year since then. I've had a ringside seat for a long time. So I suppose I should not be surprised that I get asked a … more

OPINION: Kiss horrified elites, and Americans loved them

WASHINGTON - I have a confession to make. I'm a member of the Kiss Army. In 1976, I bought my first Kiss album. I loved the rock band's makeup and crazy characters, and quickly I was hooked. I had Kiss posters, Kiss action figures, a Kiss … more

Opinion: Cain, Moore nominations are 2 more tests for Republicans to fail

WASHINGTON - In 1964, although there was scant chance that Americans would choose to have a third president in 14 months, Lyndon Johnson took no chances. The economy was sizzling, and in November, Johnson would carry 44 states. Nevertheless, he … more

Opinion: Let states jam inmate cellphones

Editor's note: Sherri Lydon is U.S. attorney for the District of South Carolina. This column originally appeared in The Wall Street Journal. "Reception is so bad ... I'm trying to get over to Verizon so that way every time, if it's in my pocket … more

Opinion: Millennials for Socialism are ignorant of history

If one needed evidence of the gross ignorance of millennials and their teachers and college professors, it's their solid support for socialism and socialist presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders. Socialism has produced tragedy wherever it has … more

Opinion: Whither the philosopher-president of this country?

WASHINGTON - In his most famous dialogue, "The Republic," Plato, via Socrates, explored the idea that a just state would best function under the leadership of a perfectly just philosopher-king. That is, an intellectually curious person who … more
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