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Opinion: The gun grabbers are misleading us

Gun control did not become politically acceptable until the Gun Control Act of 1968 signed into law by President Lyndon B. Johnson. The law's primary focus was to regulate commerce in firearms by prohibiting interstate firearms transfers except … more

Opinion: Trident is the crime

On Oct. 24, following a three-day trial in Brunswick, Georgia, seven Catholic Workers who acted to disarm a nuclear submarine base were convicted on three felony counts and one misdemeanor. The defendants face 20 years in prison, yet they emerged … more

Opinion: Imperial capital but America-first nation

"Let someone else fight over this long blood-stained sand," said President Donald Trump in an impassioned defense of his decision to cut ties to the Syrian Kurds, withdraw and end these "endless wars." Are our troops in Syria, then, on their way … more

OPINION: We have to come together to renew our spiritual lives

I left a conversation about the recent wave of violence and crime in our city asking myself the question, "So are we a part of the problem or a part of the solution?" I would like to believe that the modern-day church is still a part of the answer, … more

OPINION: Weak political parties smooth the way for demagogues

WASHINGTON - There are political moments, and this might be one, in which worse is better. Moments, that is, when a society's per capita quantity of conspicuous stupidity is so high and public manners are so low that a critical mass of people are … more

OPINION: Will Trump leave the presidency quietly?

On Wednesday, about two dozen unhappy Republican congress members stormed a closed hearing that was part of the impeachment inquiry, determined to show their loyalty to Trump (who knew of and inspired the action) and their distaste for the House … more

OPINION: Editorial Roundup

Recent editorials from South Carolina newspapers: The Times and Democrat Oct. 20 Speeding won't save you much time; slow down to save lives The signs are common, mostly in residential neighborhoods where they call attention to speed: … more

Opinion: Warren not suited to push swing voters away from Trump

WASHINGTON - Along the East River, which is not really a river (it is a 16-mile-long tidal estuary), perhaps 20,000 people actually chose to spend a gorgeous autumn afternoon last Saturday listening to socialist Bernie Sanders, who is not really a … more

Opinion: Nothing wrong with quid pro quos. It just depends what the quo is.

WASHINGTON - It's Washington's new favorite Latin phrase: quid pro quo. On Capitol Hill, Democrats seeking to impeach the president are trying to prove that he engaged in a quid pro quo ("this for that") with U.S. aid to Ukraine. The president has … more

Opinion: U.S. in moral decline

Last week, U.S. Attorney General William Barr told a University of Notre Dame Law School audience that attacks on religious liberty have contributed to a moral decline that's in part manifested by increases in suicides, mental illness and drug … more

Opinion: Don't put off taking care of your health

I never wanted cancer - who does? Within four months I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and prostate cancer. Last Oct. 26, my entire thyroid was removed with four malignant nodules. I dreaded that surgery because I knew speech and singing … more

Opinion: Is Putin new king of Middle East?

"Russia Assumes Mantle of Supreme Power Broker in the Middle East," proclaimed Britain's Telegraph. The article began: "Russia's status as the undisputed power-broker in the Middle East was cemented as Vladimir Putin continued a triumphant tour … more

Opinion: People with cellphones should be more considerate of others, turn them off

I am very upset and dismayed at the callow behavior of adults at fine performances at Patriot Hall. Before the performance, cellphones are everywhere, lighted screens all over. For example, I was at the dance on Friday night at Patriot Hall. … more

Opinion: Christmastime impeachment after dragging out the process

A rumor circulating around Washington is that Democrats intend to impeach President Donald Trump by Thanksgiving, with a trial in the Senate before Christmas. Based on conversations I have had with Democrats and Republicans, I suspect the timeline … more

Yet again, the truth outed

WASHINGTON - Shakespeare long ago wrote that "truth will out," meaning that what's true - by virtue of its basis in fact and logic - eventually will conquer the lie. Sometimes truth is so eager to … more
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