4 Sumter men arrested in connection with armed robberies

Each face multiple charges


Sumter Police have arrested four Sumter men in connection with a string of armed robberies which began Aug. 8 at the Bojangles' on Broad Street according to a news release from the department.

The robberies continued in August when Star Barbershop, Gentlemen’s Barbershop and Rollerson Package Store were hit. Peanut Enterprise was struck by an armed robber on Sept. 13 during which one person was assaulted and injured. The last incident happened Dec. 5 when a man was robbed and shot in the parking lot of Miller Arms apartments. The 31-year-old victim is still recovering.

According to the release, officers were able to develop information that connected the men to the Miller Arms case and their individual roles in the other cases. One of the suspects acted alone in two of the previous armed robberies.

Each of the suspects face multiple charges ranging from conspiracy to attempted murder. All are being held at Sumter-Lee Regional Detention Center where bond was denied on Friday morning.

Charged are:

• Chase Bernard Nelson, 19, of 448 Robney Drive — armed robbery-five counts, attempted armed robbery, conspiracy five counts, possession of a weapon during a violent crime six counts, assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature and attempted murder;

• Malik Elijah Nelson, 18, also of 448 Robney Drive — armed robbery-three counts, attempted armed robbery, conspiracy four counts, possession of a weapon during a violent crime three counts and attempted murder;

• Marion Shakur Rahman, 20, of 1013 Marilyn Drive — armed robbery, conspiracy, possession of a weapon during a violent crime, attempted murder; and

• James Earl Simon Jr., 29, of 803 W. Bartlett St. — armed robbery-three counts, conspiracy-three counts, possession of a weapon during a violent crime and attempted murder.

Additional charges are expected.

Items reported stolen in all of the cases included cash, jewelry and cellphones.

“The greatest contributing factors in solving these crimes have been the hard, dedicated work of the Investigative Services Division and the strong partnership the department has developed over the years with the citizens of the Sumter community,” Chief Russell F. Roark III stated in the release. “The support displayed through community involvement has helped tremendously in solving crimes that would otherwise have been difficult to do so."

“This is an example of how trust between the community and the police can solve crimes,” Roark said. “Thank you for supporting the Sumter Police Department.”