A third major political party is needed


Let's call it the American Party or the Peoples Party. The reason is that neither the Republican or the Democratic Parties represent voters/taxpayers. For example, (1) immigration and border security cannot be provided for $5 billion, that is less than one tenth of one percent of the national budget, (2) the taxpayers funded a secret $17 million congressional slush fund to pay off women for unwanted sexual conduct of House of Representatives members we cannot find out who these perverts are, (3) in 2014, the president provided Iran with $150 billion when Iran declared death to America and death to Israel, (4) an American soldier is charged with possible death penalty for killing a known Afghanistan bomb maker after the soldier was acquitted and the bomb maker already killed American soldiers, (5) we are still in Afghanistan after 17 years with no solution in sight with the continued loss of American lives, (6) sanctuary cities and states are allowed to exist with full knowledge that they are breaking the law and nothing is done, (7) many top officials of the FBI commit crimes and nothing is done to bring them to justice, (8) IRS top officials subvert the law, and they get bonuses and leave office with generous retirements, (9) many high-level government employees leak official and at times classified information, and no action is taken against them, (10) Congress refuses to pass a national budget by Sept. 30 of each year, and then they congratulate themselves for taking timely actions to preclude government shutdowns six months later, (11) the government provides subsidies (tax write-offs) for electric cars when the car batteries are charged by coal, oil and gas, (12) even as more money comes into the Treasury, the deficit continues to grow; now it is $21 trillion ... that is $67,000 for each woman, man and child.

This list can continue, but the point is that a new party is needed to represent a very large number of citizens. Based on past performance, the current people in government are not part of the solution, and they are the problem.