Alice Drive Middle students to be honored for helping peers in algebra



Algebra Nation, a state-funded math program that is free for students, schools and teachers in South Carolina, will be awarding Alice Drive Middle School eighth-grade student Anna Galeano an iPad for her work in helping her peers across the state succeed in algebra I.

Anna earned the most Karma Points in South Carolina for the month of January. Two of her other classmates, Ha Tram and Daniel Braden, placed in the top five for the month of January, as well.

Both students received a prize pack from Algebra Nation. Additionally, five other students from Marina Mosneaguta's algebra classes placed in the Top 10 in the South Carolina Karma Point Leaderboard.

Karma Points are earned whenever a student helps another student on the statewide Algebra Wall - such as directing them to an appropriate video to address their question, explaining how to start solving a math problem or by showing their peers where they've made an error.

Each month, the student who earns the most Karma Points in the state receives a free iPad, and the students who place second through fifth receive prize packs with Algebra Nation T-shirts, pencils and stickers.

Algebra Nation is a free online resource with accompanying workbook, built for algebra students and teachers in South Carolina by South Carolina teachers. The program provides around-the-clock support to more than 43,000 math students with a personalized learning program of 24/7 homework help from study experts, teachers and peers.

For more information on Algebra Nation, email Michael Nelson, assistant director of Algebra Nation at