Baker helped save Sumter restaurant


As the June Republican primary election for the Sumter County Council District 2 seat is just around the corner, I thought of a story I wanted to share. My father, retired Air Force, has been in the Shaw-Dalzell community since 1974 and is the proud owner of a business building located on Peach Orchard Road, S.C. 441.

Through the decision of Shaw Air Force Base to relocate their S.C. 441 gate, the South Carolina Department of Transportation installed a centerline raised median in front of my father's restaurant building, making it so that the entrance into the restaurant was blocked to all eastbound traffic. This was not an ideal situation that we were happy with, nor would any other business owners with the median making it impossible to enter the restaurant's gate, unless you come from the west side or make a U-turn somewhere down the road. Also, the people who are driving out of the restaurant's other gate won't be able to turn left onto the other lane because of the median. The livelihood of any business would greatly be affected by such action.

My father tried to contact the Shaw AFB officials and Highway Department, but no help was offered to him. As we really didn't have anywhere else to turn, I decided to contact our Sumter County Councilman Artie Baker. He decided to meet me on site and quickly determined that if the median were just cut back, it would help solve the problem a little, but I thought that would be easier said than done. Artie Baker quickly got on the job, and thanks to him, the median was cut back and repainted. The restaurant was saved, and I got major brownie points from my father! All of us to include the owner of the restaurant were very happy and so grateful for what Artie Baker had done for us.

We will be indebted forever to our County Councilman Artie Baker and his tireless effort to help people in the District 2 community. Again, we thank Artie Baker from the bottom of our heart for his great support and help to the people in the community!