Blossom is one of the most loving pups ever


Blossom is a mixed breed who seems to be about a year old. This little girl is one of the most loving pups ever. When you take her out of her kennel, she immediately wants to climb in your lap for cuddles. She begs for snuggles. Gentle and people-focused, we imagine that Blossom would make her family the entire center of her world. If being adored is your idea of a good time, then Blossom is the girl for you. In kennel 26 at Sumter Animal Control, 1240 Winkles Road, come take a peek at this charmer. We have many other adoptable dogs as well as animals who were found and are waiting for their owners to claim them. Check Sumter Animal Control on Facebook or call the volunteer coordinator at (803) 774-3232 to set up a meet and greet.