Brayboy will be leader in administration


MANNING - Clarendon County native Stacey Brayboy has received a key leadership position in Virginia Governor-elect Ralph Northam's upcoming administration.

Brayboy will be Northam's Deputy Secretary of Agriculture and Forestry.

"This very well-deserved appointment that Stacey received will be of great benefit to the citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia," Sen. Kevin Johnson said. "Stacey will bring a wealth of experience and relevant knowledge to this position. She is well known for her hard work and dedication. Her work ethic will continue to reap benefits for her, professionally and personally."

Retired Clarendon School District 2 teacher and coach Kay Young remembered Brayboy as an "excellent student and an excellent leader."

"Stacey was definitely a standout," Young added.

Sharmane Anderson, a law student and founder of Manning's 1865 Reading Academy, called Brayboy a mentor and someone young women could look up to and pattern their lives after.

"We were both raised by our grandmothers," Anderson shared. "We have close family ties. We are both alumni of Frances Marion University and pledged the same sorority. She is such a spiritual person who is very friendly and helpful. She's a professional and very passionate."

Anderson called Brayboy "a major influence" in her life.

"I look at her like a big sister, and I aspire to be like her," Anderson added. "She's humble and a beautiful, spiritual person on the inside and outside. I am so very proud of all of her accomplishments."

Brayboy is the perfect role model for young women, Anderson said.

"We can point to Brayboy and tell young girls and young adults in Manning that 'you can do that coming from a small town. You can achieve that. You can go places.'"