Brown's son only one out in 6-member council race


BISHOPVILLE - Tuesday's general election in Bishopville saw four incumbents secure re-election and two newcomers join city council.

Seven candidates vied for six council seats. Incumbent Ennis Bryant Sr. was the top vote-getter with 426 votes, followed by Gloria S. Lewis, also an incumbent, who received 388 votes. Newcomers Shirley Wesley Hill and Wayne Hancock tallied 361 and 337 votes, respectively.

The next two spots were filled by incumbents Edward Byrd, who received 335 votes, and Retta Tindal, who notched 332 votes.

The seventh candidate, Grady A. "Chip" Brown Jr., did not earn enough votes to get onto council with 143 ballots in his favor. His father, Grady A. Brown, a former state representative for 32 years, was elected mayor on Tuesday on an unopposed ballot.

Lee County Voter Registration and Elections Director Stan Barnhill said turnout saw more absentees this year over 2015. With 67 absentee ballots in the last city election, there were 99 requested for Tuesday's race. Of the 2,293 registered voters, 629 voted.

There were 45 total write-in ballots cast, according to the unofficial results, and no emergency, failsafe, provisional or failsafe provisional ballots.

Current council members Willie Mae Muldrow and Deanna Rollins did not seek re-election.