Business partner was a trailblazer


On June 30, 2018, Sam Holladay passed from this life to everlasting life.

Sam was my business partner for 35 years. We spent more time together than most brothers, and like brothers we sometimes didn't agree but always worked together toward a common goal.

Sam was a trailblazer in men's hairstyling and a giant among his peers. One of the first in South Carolina to take the Roffler Skulptur-Kut Men's Hairstyling course, he excelled at his craft.

Sam was a South Carolina men's hairstyling champion and Tri-State Champion (North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia).

Sam competed on the state level, the regional level in Atlanta, the national level in Nashville and internationally in New York.

Pat Gant Holladay was the love of his life, and his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren are his legacy, along with those of us in our business whose lives he touched and inspired.

Sam was a storyteller. He loved to entertain. I was often his straight man.

One day he was telling an obviously embellished story. I said, "Come on, Sam!" He said, "Joe, I have to exhale so I might as well say something." I told him, "Sam, it says in the Bible when we get to heaven we will have to answer for every idle word we have ever spoken." Sam replied, "That is why they call it eternity, it's gonna take me awhile."

He got started June 30, 2018.