Carol Rollings named Sumter Christian School Teacher of the Year



Carol Rollings has been selected as Teacher of the Year at Sumter Christian School for the 2020-21 school year. Rollings received her Bachelor of Science degree in Premedicine from Clearwater Christian College in Clearwater, Florida, and her Master's degree in Teaching and Learning from Bob Jones University in Greenville. She is a member of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. As senior sponsor, Rollings oversees SAT and ACT preparation and testing, offers guidance in college and career decisions and organizes and chaperones the senior trip. This year she began an afterschool STEM and Robotics club for grades one through eight.

Carol is in her 17th year of teaching and 12th year at Sumter Christian School. She taught at Christian schools in Maryland, Virginia and Florida before moving to Sumter in 2009. She is active with the school's sponsoring church, Sumter Bible Church. In addition to serving in the church nursery and on the Missions Committee, she is engaged in the music worship, ministering to the congregation through her singing and playing flute.

The daughter of Steve and Laurel Rollings, Carol is from Fort Worth, Texas. Her hobbies include crafting and playing the flute in the Sumter Community Concert Band.

When asked what she likes best about teaching, she replied, "I like seeing that moment when a concept finally clicks for a student." As for her philosophy of education, Rollings said, "To teach using a variety of methods to help students of all learning styles reach their highest potential."

When colleagues were asked to offer comments about Rollings, the responses included the following statements: "Carol incorporates fun and interactive modes of learning in her classroom to get concepts across to all types of learners. She continually makes herself available to students after school to assist them if they are struggling. She works tirelessly to help her in-class and virtual students succeed. She is often seen during her spare moments tutoring any student who needs help. I could write a novel about her. She is passionate about the classes she teaches and truly loves her job and her students."

Her principal says, "Carol is a well-educated, dedicated teacher who knows how to impart knowledge to her students and genuinely cares about their progress. She is dependable, trustworthy and an exemplary model for students and colleagues to follow."