Clarendon Hall K4 learns about algorithms



The K4 class at Clarendon Hall goes to computer class once a week to learn the Pre-Reader Coding Curriculum with Amy Magaw. The lesson on algorithms, being broken down to the basic definition of steps in a process, is taught with the Unplugged or hands-on format. In week one, the 4-year-old students cut and pasted the algorithm squares in order: 1) fill your cup with dirt; 2) poke a hole in the dirt; 3) place your seed in the hole; 4) cover the seed with dirt; 5) water the plant; and 6) put the plant in the sunshine. In week two, the students used their written algorithm like a recipe to actually plant their seeds. K4 teacher Karen McEwen transplanted the sunflower seedlings into the classroom flowerbed outside the early childhood wing. Since then, the class has monitored the daily growth of the sunflowers and watered them as needed.