Clarendon Hall SGA officers visit Statehouse



On Sept. 24, senior class members of Clarendon Hall's Student Government Association traveled to the South Carolina Statehouse. The students were in Columbia to attend the Fall Conference of the South Carolina Independent School Student Government Association. Joey Carlisle and May Rogan, two of the six who attended, are executive members of SCISSA after serving as officers last year.

Clarendon Hall SGA members attending the conference were president McKenzie Bagnal, vice president Whitney Avins and senior class representatives Sunshine Perkins and Wells Robinson.

The conference began in the Senate Chambers with Carlisle opening in prayer followed by Rogan leading the Pledge of Allegiance. After hearing an inspirational message about leadership from Keller Kissam, president of the Electric Operation of Dominion Energy, the group separated and became members of either the House of Representatives or the Senate. Bagnal and Robinson debated Clarendon Hall's bill in the Senate, while Avins and Perkins debated another of Clarendon Hall's bills in the House of Representatives.

In describing the day, Clarendon Hall Head of School Kelley Wannamaker stated, "The SCISA [South Carolina Independent School Association] staff did an incredible job planning this day for our student government leaders. Having a new format this year, our students experienced the process of creating, writing, debating and presenting a bill. These young people learned so much and met so many other students from across the state. The opportunity was priceless, and we are grateful that we were able to attend." She continued, "I am especially proud of Joey and May's contributions to the South Carolina Independent School Student Government Association."

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