Clarendon School District 2 holds wellness celebration


Clarendon School District 2 recently held its annual wellness celebration. The school wellness teams work on wellness efforts all year with the goal to create and sustain wellness activities for students and staff at all schools.

Near the end of each school year, each school team answers questions and submits evidence of the year's activities, using an assessment tool provided by the Medical University of South Carolina Boeing Center for Children's Wellness. The MUSC team visits the district's top three schools and decides on the winner, which is announced at the wellness celebration. Each participating school is awarded wellness money based on the number of assessment points earned. The district winner gets an extra $1,000. The District 2 winner is Manning Early Childhood Center. All money awarded must be used for wellness efforts at that school. Better yet, all of the participating schools have made great strides toward self-sufficiency.

When the district no longer receives MUSC/Boeing money, the programs will be able to continue on their own.