Cold weather doesn't stop Turbeville holiday events


TURBEVILLE - Temperatures hovering in the upper 30s didn't stop hundreds from donning heavy coats, mittens and scarves to attend Saturday's parade and tree lighting ceremonies in Turbeville.

"The weather was pretty bad," Turbeville Mayor Dwayne Howell said, "but we had a good, long parade with probably 30 entries. Everyone got pretty cold sitting outside watching the parade go by."

The tree-lighting ceremony was held on Turbeville's town square immediately after the parade, the mayor added.

"Horse Branch Church provided some good food," Howell said. "They had chicken bog, desserts and drinks. The East Clarendon Elementary School Chorus sang a few songs, and Mr. and Mrs. Claus were there for the tree lighting."

Howell said the parade and tree lighting ceremony are sponsored by the Turbeville Business Association with help from the town.

"It's a way of everyone giving back during the holiday season," he said. "Jenna Windham with the association works hard, and so does Alyce Atkinson. They work behind the scenes to make everything run smoothly. Margie Edge with Town Hall handles the applications. It takes a lot of folks doing a lot of things, and many times they don't get the credit they deserve."

Howell said he'd like to thank the association, the town staff, Turbeville Police Department and Clarendon County Sheriff's Office for helping with the events.

"I really appreciate all the hard work that was put into the events," Howell said. "I wish the weather had been a little better, but we had fun, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves."