Council of Garden Clubs names November yards of the month


The tiny community of Wedgefield is a nice place to visit if you want to feel that "fall is in the air." At Wedgefield Presbyterian Church, pansies have been planted to replace waning summer flowers. Placed under the church's sign, the pansies add an extra welcoming touch. The spacious yard surrounding the home of Marvin and Mildred Burress, 4992 Sedgewood Drive, Wedgefield, reflects seasonal changes, as the bright green pine trees are shedding their needles as they prepare for cooler temperatures. Yet the home is warm and inviting with a beautiful front door wreath composed of orange and yellow flowers. The Council of Garden Clubs of Sumter commends Wedgefield Presbyterian Church and Marvin and Mildred Burress for nurturing the natural beauty of Wedgefield.