Destroying freedom of speech for some will destroy our country


Abraham Lincoln said, "America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it is because we destroyed ourselves."

Freedom of speech is being threatened today, and the liberal agenda of the left will have this freedom removed from Christians if they get their way. If you don't agree with someone it is permissible to have persuasive discussions to try to convince them to your point of view. The liberal agenda goes beyond persuasive speech and does not allow for tolerance, something for which they loudly scream to obtain from the right. The liberals not only want the right wing to allow their views, they want the right wing to adopt their liberal views and silence the right if they do not agree.

Such is the case in Virginia at Shawnee State University. A professor there refuses to use the transgender pronouns for one of his students. He taught her last year, and this year she "identifies as a male." He offered to use the student's name and avoid the use of any pronouns, a reasonable compromise to any reasonable person. Compromise was not acceptable, and he may lose his job. He is a Christian and thus believes that God creates people as either male or female and that God does not make mistakes. The professor is trying to be forced to embrace an ideology that is contrary to his Biblically-held beliefs. The "free exercise of his religion" is being threatened (and so is ours by default). There are many similar cases of this in America, but you will not see them on the mainstream media news because it does not fit their agenda. Christianity is under attack, but we knew it was coming since Jesus prophesied that the world would hate and persecute His followers (John 15:18-21).

So the attack on freedom of speech seems to target Bible-believing, Bible-practicing Christians ("Christian" not as another alternative religion but as defined in the Bible, followers of Christ and His teachings - the Word of God). People are being fired from their jobs because of speech. When have you heard of someone being fired because he spoke evil of Christians or Christianity? It seems Christians are the only unprotected group in America (except the unborn child).

The eagle is a wonderful symbol of America and our freedoms. Let us remember that the right wing and the left wing are attached to the same bird. Destroying the right wing's freedom of speech will destroy the entire bird (nation).

Here's to freedom of speech for all.


Pastor, Sumter Bible Church

Administrator, Sumter Christian School