OPINION: Do you choose to be good or evil this new decade?


God gave us life, what we do with it is up to us. We get to choose between good and evil. It's a battle within ourselves for our soul.

Good is about love, joy, peace, hope, truth, faith, patience, kindness, giving, living, everything that makes us happy inside.

Evil is about hate, sadness, anxiety, frustration, lies, despair, panic, spiteful, taking, darkness, everything that makes us angry inside.

We get to choose what we think each moment of the day.

God wants us to have joy and love for one another. He wants us to bring forth good fruit. We can't bear the good fruit unless we have love, joy, peace, hope, etc. John 15:11-17.

As I think about the new year and a new decade, I think about what it could be like if we all chose to be loving, truthful, patient and kind.

Question your thoughts? Which do you choose to be? If you want or need help, ask God for discernment, seek out wisdom and you will find the answer.

We can make Sumter, our surrounding area, state and country a better place here on Earth.

God wants to bless each of us. God wants to bless America. We just have to want that blessing. Happy New Year!