Donations to Summer of Caring can help relieve worries of your Sumter neighbors


Who knew runaway sheep would be so newsworthy?

Earlier this year, a rogue sheep named Alex was discovered by local farmers. He was carrying 88 pounds of fleece! In comparison, an average sheep would never exceed 30 pounds of wool in one year.

Stories like this have been more common lately, and the videos showing the shearing of the weighty wool have been viral gold. The sheep seems to be "alive again" and awkwardly moves about with the weight finally relieved.

Recently, a greater number of clients have requested help from the Crisis Relief Ministry with extraordinarily heavy circumstances that are weighing them down. One pleasant gentleman explained that he had taken three roundtrip bus rides to Massachusetts in the last six weeks as his oldest son, his brother and a 14-month-old grandson all died during that timeframe. He lives a very simple life on an income that barely crests $1,000 a month. However, modest living helps him meet his expenses each month until a bevy of funerals out of state were too much to overcome. He wept as we provided direct relief to reconnect his electric service.

Another lady returned to see us with an eviction notice. She is familiar to us but has not needed assistance for many years. In November, her son was killed. Earlier this year, her daughter was a victim of domestic abuse in which the aggressor, in turn, ended his life. Her daughter was undergoing treatment to recover from the trauma.

This client, who works and earns a good salary, was now feeling the pressure of caring for four grandchildren who were left to her as a result of the two tragedies. She was despondent and needed encouragement.

We offered a sizable amount of assistance toward her eviction notice and shared the love of God with her.

Sumter United Ministries continues to be involved in clients' lives and listens to their stories. Your donations designated for Summer of Caring allow us to share hope for people walking in darkness and pain. For a brief moment, the weight of tragedy and suffering is lifted from their shoulders. You make that possible. Thank you for sharing!

New donations as of July 12: No money was donated last week.

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Total last year: $5,935

Total Since 2014: $37,219