Drama from school district fits with conspiracy theories


I am not one given to conspiracy theories. However, the drama this school board has put forth for the last couple of years seems to fit right in. This inept school board of supposedly educated people is now leading Sumter County schools backward.

With its top secret executive meeting, it has hammered the last nail into the coffin and is now waiting for the body to be embalmed and buried. It has given the last justification for a public charter school to be established. This school board, with its dictatorial and nonsensical rulings, has given justification for white flight from the school district. This action will take valuable talent (teachers) and resources (dollars) the students need and give them to a competing school district.

Those students whose parents cannot afford Wilson Hall, Thomas Sumter Academy or any of the other many private schools will now have an affordable alternative. If this was not a conspiracy, it was a well-played hand.

Well done school board.