Dual-candidate Evans weighing his options between 2 races

Ward 1 resident says he may withdraw from Sumter City Council race to focus on school board election


State law allows candidates to run in more than one race at the same time, but no one can hold two offices simultaneously. One local candidate says he is aware of that scenario.

Sumterite Reginald "Reggie" Evans is in that boat, having filed for the Ward 1 race on Sumter City Council and also the District 9 race for Sumter school board, and said on Tuesday he is considering all his options and will ultimately do what area residents want.

When he filed for the Ward 1 seat in July, Evans said all he knew was the race was open because incumbent Thomas Lowery might not file because of health issues. Now, he said he is possibly leaning toward endorsing another candidate, pulling out of that race before an approaching deadline and concentrating just on the school board race.

According to Evans, he filed for the new District 9 seat on Sumter School District's Board of Trustees last week when he learned no one from the Morris College area, where he resides, was seeking to run, and it deeply concerned him.

Evans said he thinks another Sumter City Council Ward 1 candidate, Anthony Gibson, is a "proven leader," and he will likely endorse him and pull out of that race. He said the deadline to withdraw his name and not be placed on the November ballot is Sept. 29.

But Evans did not want to rule out his other options currently.

He noted most of District 9 is in Ward 1.

"It's the same ward, same area mostly, so that is my dilemma," Evans said. "We are talking with people, talking with candidates and finding what is the best way to serve the people in Ward 1, the City of Sumter and the county of Sumter. All options are being seriously considered, and I am taking everything under advisement. I can pretty much say a decision will be made on the 29th of September."

Pat Jefferson, director of Sumter County Voter Registration and Elections, said the deadline to withdraw is actually Sept. 21 at 5 p.m.

The only other candidate for the District 9 seat on the school board is Bonnie Disney.