Election 2024: Primaries set November races for Sumter, Clarendon voters

2 longtime incumbents' retirements leave seats wide open, 2 face opposite-party challengers


Both party races for the District 35 seat in the state Senate will be decided in a runoff in two weeks, as no candidate received more than 50% of the vote.

On the Democratic side, Camden native Jeffrey R. Graham will face Sumter native Austin B. Floyd Jr. after they were the two top vote-getting candidates Tuesday, June 11. Graham led with 46.99% of the vote, 2,416 votes, while Floyd secured 37.76%, 1,941 votes. They both beat out Lucy Mahon, who had 15.25% of the vote, 784 votes.

In the Republican primary, Kershaw County resident Mike Jones nearly secured his nomination but fell short with 49.51% of the vote, 1,939 votes. He will face Richland County resident Lindsay Agostini, who got 30.36% of the vote, 1,189 votes. They beat Christina Allard's 16.6% and Jerry Chivers' 3.52%.

The winner in November will succeed Thomas McElveen, who decided to not run for reelection for his fourth term, capping off 12 years in the Senate.


In the state Senate District 36 race, Democrat Kevin Johnson and Republican Jeff Zell will face off in November after winning their respective primaries on Tuesday.

Johnson won the Democratic primary with 77.52% of the total vote to Eleazer Carter's 22.48%.

"It feels good, but it was a grueling primary," Johnson said. "It was probably the toughest election that I have been in, not because of the competition but their tactics, and I am just glad to have it behind us. There was a lot of negativity, misinformation and lies that they put out, and that is why we are so glad to have it behind us.

"It's on to November, and we are going to do the same thing and emphasize our experience and seniority in the Senate in that race."

On the Republican side, Jeff Zell also had a big win, capturing 78.31% of the vote to Leon Winn's 21.69%.

Zell said that he was expecting to win but not by such a large margin.

"We did an extensive door-knocking campaign, we did Facebook ads and a lot of direct mail and text messaging," Zell said. "Obviously, my concern will always be turnout. I thought it would be higher across the board, but it is what it is. The percentages tell me that our efforts worked. We ran on economic growth, crime reduction and education reform."


In the House District 64 Democratic Primary, Quadri Bell took 81.53% of the vote to Arthur Moyd's 18.47%. Bell will face incumbent Fawn Pedalino in November.


The Sumter County Council District 7 seat is open since Gene Baten is not running for re-election and Tasha Gardner-Greene narrowly won the Democratic Primary with 50.77% of the vote, or 298 votes, to Gloria J. Lee's 49.23%, or 289 votes.

She will face Republican Michael Leviner in November.

Gardner-Greene said she was happy for the win.

"I am overjoyed with the outcome and results," she said. "I thank Gloria Lee for her service to Sumter County over the years, and I hope to work alongside her, the people who voted with her and the rest of the constituents in District 7 to move forward and grow together."


U.S. House of Representatives, District 6

  • Duke Buckner: 55.76%, 10,145 votes – nominee
  • Justin Scott: 44.24%, 8,050 votes

State Senate, District 35

  • Austin B. Floyd Jr.: 37.76%, 1,941 votes – runoff
  • Jeffrey R. Graham: 46.99%, 2,416 votes – runoff
  • Lucy Mahon: 15.25%, 784 votes

State Senate, District 35

  • Lindsay Agostini: 30.36%, 1,189 votes – runoff
  • Christina Allard: 16.6%, 650 votes
  • Jerry Chivers: 3.52%, 138 votes
  • Mike Jones: 49.51, 1,939 votes – runoff

State Senate, District 36

  • Eleazer Leazer Carter: 22.48, 1,689 votes
  • Kevin L. Johnson: 77.52%, 5,824 votes – nominee

State Senate, District 36

  • Leon Winn: 21.69%, 850 votes
  • Jeff Zell: 78.31%, 3,068 – nominee

State House of Representatives, District 64

  • Quadri Bell: 81.53%, 2,322 votes – nominee
  • Arthur Moyd: 18.47%, 526 votes

Sumter County Council, District 7

  • Tasha Gardner-Greene: 50.77%, 298 votes – nominee
  • Gloria J. Lee: 49.23%, 289 votes

Clarendon County Council, Chair

  • LaNette Samuels Cooper: 11.69%, 210 votes
  • Jay Johnson: 88.31%, 1,587 votes – nominee

Clarendon County Council, District 2

  • Jose A. Calvo: 44.7%, 333 votes
  • Kurtis Rodine: 55.3%, 412 votes – nominee

Lee County Council, District 5

  • Jacqueline Josey: 62.58%, 204 votes – nominee
  • Kimberly King: 37.42%, 122 votes

Lee County School Board, District 1

  • Mattie Moses Mack: 62.82%, 98 votes – nominee
  • Kelvin Wilson: 37.18%, 58 votes