Letter to the editor: God answers prayer about son


On Easter Sunday morning, March 31, 2013, when we arrived at church for the Son Rise Service, I was told that my son had been taken to the hospital. He had gone out to start the car to head to the Easter service when he had a heart attack.

Timothy W. Coleman had passed on before I got to the hospital.

We had his funeral at New Start Community Church of the Nazarene in Manning on Wednesday, April 3.

After we returned home from the funeral, his children asked if they could go to their dad's lake house for the rest of spring break.

As I prepared to go, suddenly, I sat down at the dining room table and cried. I said, "Lord, you took him so fast, I did not have time to talk to him. If there is any way you can let him send me a message to let me know he is OK, I would appreciate it."

I picked up a book to take to the lake to read, and a postcard fell out. It was from Tim when he was in the Air Force. It was postmarked March 31, 1983, which was 30 years to the day of his passing. On it was written:

"Dear Mom & Dad & Jimmy, I'm doing fine, having a good time always, never a dull moment. It's hard sometimes but I've made a lot of friends here, and that helps a lot. Love, Tim."