God loves you; there's nothing you can do about it


That common respect for each other in the way we interact or speak to each other is out the window. Our leaders are seen by the world as big rude kids with the name calling. That if you prey on the fears of others you can get them to go along with whatever it is you are selling.

I am all for better securing our borders but in exchange for what? I saw an illegal murder one of our finest, which justice has to be served. How we took that senseless act and used it for a political gain is beyond me when 58 were killed and scores hurt at a concert and we still have not made assault weapons a priority.

Dabo may not be the smartest football mind in college football, but he is a winner because he surrounds himself with folks that are more knowledgeable in the areas he is not, and he listens to them. He does not proclaim to know more than someone who is an expert at what they do.

A caravan can get our frontline soldiers and the seemingly weekly random shootings gets an honorable mention.

The Bible states that the truth will make you free.

The demise of this nation, as with some relationships, does not come from the outside but rather from within. You don't have to love me, but I love you. God loves you, and there is nothing you can do about it.


Retired, U.S. Navy