Letter: I am tired of being woke and want to sleep


Looking at and thinking about things over the last year, I would have to say that I am woke.

Woke to the fact that your opinion only matters when it agrees with whatever is trending or is acceptable to social justice warriors or the Twitter brigade. If it doesn't, then you are evil and labeled an (insert phrase) ist or phobic.

Woke to the fact that the majority of celebrities, sports figures and entertainers will only stand for and support something as long as it keeps them trending and relevant so people will still spend money on their movies, music or sporting events.

Woke to the fact that if you apologize or are made to apologize for something you say or post that somebody does not agree with or is offended by, the apology will never be good enough till your life and career are destroyed.

Woke to the fact that the large number of our schools and colleges are not places that promote higher learning, critical thinking, intellectual development but rather indoctrination of mass think.

Woke to the fact that rather than learning about true history (both the good and bad) is wrong and history is what others deem it should be to the group liking.

Woke to the fact so-called "social justice" which is determined by what is popular and trending is viewed as more important than actual justice.

Woke to the fact a majority of individuals know more about a celebrity's life than the Bill of Rights.

Woke to the fact elected officials will violate your 1st Amendment rights unless you are protesting for what they deem acceptable or is trending.

Woke to the fact politicians only care about you every 4 to 6 years.

Woke to the fact scientific facts are only correct as long as they agree with the consensus of mass think, trending issues or social acceptability.

I am sure there is more. But I am tired of being woke. Think I will go back to sleep.