It's time to have the talk during the Era of Trump


In this Era of Trump, it's time for the talk. This talk is different from the talk that black parents are having with their sons and daughters on how to survive traffic encounters with law enforcement. This talk is about truth, morality, respect and racism. This is the American talk.

What has America become when you hear the president's lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, say on national news, "Truth Isn't Truth"? It has been verified, through Fact Check, that President Trump has made over 3,000 false statements since his inauguration in January 2017. To justify these fabrications, Trump's staff created the term "Alternative Facts." Our youth must be informed that lying isn't an acceptable behavior and reflects negatively on their character. Truthfulness is a virtue.

In this Era of Trump, Christians are questioning their moral values. They have placed a statute of limitations on God's Seventh Commandment about purity in relationships. We must tell our youth that when they enter matrimony, God asks them to demonstrate their love by not committing adultery. God will forgive but also punishes immorality.

Disrespectful comments about people's physical abilities, gender and race have become acceptable during the Era of Trump. People are mimicked because of their physical handicaps, and women are referred to as dumb, crazy, ugly, low-life, bimbo and dogs. People of color are referred to as rapists, murderers and drug dealers. These derogatory words coming from America's president, who's supposed to be the "role model" for American youth, are highly deplorable. Our youth must be told that this isn't normal behavior and should not be emulated. We must teach our youth to respect others like they want to be respected.

Finally, the Era of Trump is destroying American democracy. We are divided as a nation, and our president is praised by groups that believe in racial supremacy. Our youth must be taught the true history of America. Diversity is America's strength; it's the contributions of people of all races that keep America great. The talk can end the destructive Era of Trump.

Vote to reclaim America.