Lakewood High School student charged after false 911 call


A Lakewood High School student is facing charges and disciplinary action for allegedly making a prank 911 call about an active shooter Tuesday afternoon.

The 15-year-old student reportedly made the call from another student's phone and told dispatch there was an active shooter on the premises and that she could hear shots being fired, according to Sumter School District and Sumter County Sheriff's Office spokespeople.

The student, who has been charged with misuse of 911 and filing a false police report involving a felony, has been released to her parents.

Students and staff were placed on lockdown for approximately 15 minutes, Sheriff Anthony Dennis said, and it was determined the call was a false report.

The student in question was transported to the sheriff’s office for further investigation.

"The Sumter County Sheriff’s Office takes all potential threats very seriously," Dennis said, "and we will continue to work with the Sumter School District to ensure the safety of all students and staff."

According to Shelly Galloway, Sumter School District, executive director of communication and community engagement, the student will face disciplinary action in accordance with the district Code of Conduct.

"We take all potential threats very seriously," Galloway said, "and we are thankful to the Sumter County Sheriff's Office for their quick response."