Left are hypocrites for wasting time on Trump's relationships


Do you see how different this country would be if the media and Left took as much time on Bill Clinton's shenanigans in the Oval Office as they have wasted our time on Trump's antics from 15 years ago? Based on their own moral standards, Clinton would have been forced to resign. Let's review the log ...

Clinton was accused of sexual assault (several times) and has an affair with a kid in the Oval Office ... on our dime. And the Left/media demonized those women as whores and gold diggers. Slick Willie? Well, it was only sex.

Trump, billionaire and private citizen, winds up in a sexual relationship with a porn star ... oh yeah ... consensual relationship. And the Left/media want to use this as the key to getting rid of him?

It would be laughable if it were not so sad.

Hypocrites to the Nth degree.