Left will ensure 2nd win for Trump


The loons of the left continue to goosestep in their Destroy Trump crusade. They just don't get it. It's quite an array of gasbags who can't get over Hillary Clinton blowing the presidency to the bombastic Trumpster.

What a crowd of critics he has lined up against him as the mid-term elections approach.

Here's a list: "Nutty Nancy" Pelosi, the Democratic party minority leader in the U.S. House of Representatives and Sen. Charles "Upchuck" Schumer in the Senate. There's also Congressman Adam Schiff-less in the House, who keeps popping up on MSNBC and CNN with his drivel about Trump-Russian collusion plus other rumors.

Another loon who is making an appearance to trash Trump is has-been actress Cynthia Nixon, formerly of "Sex and the City," to deliver some cheap shots. And, lest we forget, there's good old Maxine Waters with her rants and calls for attacks on Republicans and Trump supporters in restaurants and public places for purposes of intimidation.

Recently, another has-been actor, Peter Fonda, took shots at the Trump family, including Trump children. Real brave, Peter. Your late daddy would be proud of you (we doubt), but, maybe sister "Hanoi Jane" would pile on.

Surely Sen. Elizabeth "Pocahontas" Warren would add her name to the crowd of Trump haters. She's even thinking of running for president. Please run, Elizabeth, you could be part of a dream team along with Joe "Over the Hill" Biden.

The list wouldn't be complete without throwing in Joe "The RINO" Scarborough and his girlfriend "EEKA" from his morning Schmo show on MSNBC.

That's my all-star cast of worthies to join the clowns trying to derail the Trump Express. Should they continue to line up in the forefront of the Resistance, I can foresee Trump winning re-election to a second term without breaking a sweat.

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