Letter: A letter from our nation, which needs us all now


I am not a person or thing. I am a place. A place that was created by your founding fathers and mothers over 200 years ago. I am a place where all people are created equal. A country which has reached across the oceans to fight for the people who are not able to fight for themselves.

I am the United States of America. Remember me. Remember us. We are one people, far from perfect. We have made mistakes during this 200-plus years, but I think we have learned from many of them. We are still learning.

I am alive. I am still here. We're still here. The flag, our flag, the flag your forefathers created for me, waves sadly in the breeze. Remember these words. One nation under God. I am afraid lately; I feel as though we're losing that.

My children, you created me, and I have lasted and endured so many battles and wars for freedom's sake. I endured because we fought together as one nation. The flag you created for me flies over a divided nation. You created many separate entities of me. The House, the Senate, Congress and so on. You must remember. We came this far because we are and have always been one.

Look hard at one another. Remember who we are. Remember who I am. We are the United States of America. Right now, I am a little broken, and I do not deserve that. I see and I feel the separation across this great land. I know I am not perfect. I do the best I can.

We fought so hard over the years to get where we are now. Do not give up hope on me now.

No matter how hard it may be, please look at each other and remember how you came together over 200 years ago. I know it is asking a lot. I need for you to do it again. You are still the people that created me, created us. Can we be one nation again? I need you.


Army veteran