Opinion: Having a Navy recruiter in Sumter would benefit a lot of people


When Rear Adm. Cedric Pringle was here, he spoke of all the opportunities available to the young men and women in the Navy.

I don't think he is aware that we do not have a Navy recruiter in Sumter. You have to go to Florence or Columbia for information. We have Army, Air Force and Marine recruiters but no Navy. I asked one of the recruiters about it, and he said it works to their advantage. What about the young people?

Sometimes it can be a problem for people to get to the other cities - parents working, lack of transportation and time spent over there.

I bet if the Navy vets were aware of this problem, they would not be happy. We should have a recruiter available a few days a week and alternate between the other cities. This would be a benefit to a lot of people. Don't deny them that on some technical reason like lack of manpower. That is a poor excuse.

I hope Adm. Pringle becomes aware of this problem and solves it.