Letter: If teachers, students aren't attending school, why are taxes being collected?


I just received my "Sumter County, South Carolina, Motor Vehicle Property Tax & Registration Renewal Notice."

The amount is $372.49. Guess how much of the $372.49 is for "School." I'll tell you. The amount is $222.30. That equals almost 60% of that "tax" bill.

If the teachers and students aren't going to attend "school," then why should I pay for them to go to school?

Now, I can imagine that if I were still in school, maybe I wouldn't want to attend either. Then again, if I were a student who wanted to learn and wanted to make something of myself, then maybe I would want to attend school to learn as much as I was capable of learning.

How long are we going to allow this virus to control our lives?

Maybe my "tax money" should go to a student who is willing to learn, and maybe that should be in the form of a voucher, so he/she can attend a private/charter school of their choice. No government interference please.

Is our public school system really teaching students the three "R's," reading, (w)riting and (a)rithmetic, or other things that are the cause of what is happening in America today?

How about cursive writing? Are we teaching students how to read and write cursive so they can read their parents' and grandparents' cards and other items that are in cursive? It would also be great if we could bring back the 10 Commandments so young people can learn right from wrong.