Letter: In light of COVID-19, give our heavenly Father something to work with


This is an open letter to my fellow Black people. This has been a year we have never seen the likes of. And who knows what 2021 holds for everyone. COVID-19 has revealed health flaws that are systemic to our people. COVID loves those who take health issues for granted. This has proven fatal to many Black Americans. It has revealed many of our people have too much: too much smoking, too much over-eating, too much fried chicken, too much salt, too much cakes and pies, too much sugar (this includes putting sugar in everything, even corn), too much pork chops, too much fried fish, too much greasy foods, too much chips, too much alcoholic and sugar beverages (soda and Kool-Aid) and not enough water, too much sitting, too much TV watching and too many excuses for not exercising.

COVID is no joke. It is a killer, but those with underlying health issues that are not under control - diabetes (types I and II), heart problems and obesity, just to list a few - are very susceptible to its deadly grip. I passionately believe in miracles, but I also believe you should give our heavenly Father something to work with. I was shot six times in the abdomen and chest area at point-blank range back in 2010. I bled out twice, died on the operating table twice, was given 63 units of blood. My doctor said I should be dead, and he sees no reason I should be alive other than a miracle. But, I did my part before the attempted murder. I exercise every other day, rain or shine, kept my weight under control. I had given up many of the above listed too much and kept the others under control.

To all pastors, once this is over and we get back to some kind of normalcy and you start having church fellowship dinners, dump the fried foods and insist on baked or roasted foods. And tell your cooks to cut back on the sugar, and serve water.

The leadership of the city of Sumter has gone to great lengths and spent a lot of money to provide us with a number of safe and scenic green places to walk, run, play tennis or whatever you wish to do. COVID does not have to be a death sentence. Be safe, and wear your mask. Give our heavenly Father something to work with. Even the Bible says, 1 Timothy 4:8: "For bodily exercise profiteth little..."


Word of Faith