Church has asked for paved road too long


For the past 25+ years we the members of Triumph Church at 1285 Pearson Road have been pleading with Clarendon County to pave this muddy road. The county always has given many excuses why they were not going to pave our road.

Some of the excuses from Clarendon County are "Do buses travel on this road?" or "you must be added to the list of those making a request to have your road paved" and "it may be next year before we can get to you." There were given one reason/excuse after another while other roads were being paved.

Wyboo Golf Club Community has always had its roads paved and repaved. We as a church feel we are being slighted and our concerns are not being addressed with true satisfaction due to the length of how long our request has been on the books.

The county has made us feel that they are not working a just and fair way about our request for paving our roads.

Our church has been in the community approximately 100 years, and for the church members and the church guests to have to continue to drive through mud to get to the church when it rains is unfair.