Letter: Thank you to veterinary clinic, funeral home for your care and compassion during sad time


If you are a pet owner, you are aware of how devastating the loss of your pet can be. They have come to be a part of your family, and the passing of that pet is very hard on each family member. Especially if you have to have that pet put to sleep. Our family have just gone through that horrible experience. On Jan. 2, we had to have our beloved "Benji" put to sleep. He was a little white, 12-pound Pomeranian. His health issues had gotten so bad he was suffering, so we had a difficult decision to make. The only right decision was to do whatever was necessary to make sure he did not suffer.

All that being said, it was not an easy decision for us to make. Thank God for the wonderful folks at Peach Orchard Veterinary Clinic. Dr. Addie Williams, Sandra and others on staff there helped us every step of the way. They were kind, considerate, comforting and answered every question we had. And there were many. They helped us keep little Benji comfortable and pain free until it was very plain that he could not survive the health issue he had. And suffering was something we were not going to let happen to our "Benji." Thank you Dr. Williams, Sandra and every member of the staff at Peach Orchard Veterinary Clinic for your professionalism, care and concern for our "Benji" and for Benji's Mom and Dad. We appreciate you so very much.

I also want to thank Bullock Funeral Home and Crematorium and Pet Cremation Services that took care of Benji after Dr. Williams and her staff completed their task. I called Bullock and talked to Rob Lybrand and explained to him about Benji, and he took the information he needed. About an hour after I spoke to Rob, I received a call from Harvin Bullock, and he said, "You do not have to worry about your precious Benji; I have him with me right now, and I will take good care of him." Rob had talked to him and told him about our pet. Mr. Bullock went to Peach Orchard Veterinary Clinic and picked Benji up within an hour of his being put to sleep to take care of the cremation. Very seldom have I found in this day and age that level of care and compassion in the world of business.

During this process of Benji's cremation, I was fortunate to talk with several other Bullock staff members: Along with Rob and Harvin, I talked to Todd Timmons and Kim Coker. They all were very compassionate and caring and concerned not only about taking care of our pet, but also about my wife and myself. Mr. Bullock called me on Friday, Jan. 5, around 5 p.m. to let me know Benji's cremains were ready. He wanted to bring him to our home that night but got slammed with work, so he said he would meet me at the funeral home Saturday morning so I could pick up the cremains.

Benji's cremains were in a beautiful urn with a very nice plaque attached, a ceramic mold of his paw and a beautiful card with the poem Rainbow Bridge.

We love our Benji, and it is not easy to lose a pet. Many of you know, they become members of your family. Shirley and I will be forever grateful for the manner in which Peach Orchard Veterinary Clinic staff and Bullock Funeral Home and Crematorium and Pet Cremation Services staff helped us during this very sad time in our life. Thank you and God bless you for your care, concern, compassion and assistance.