Letter to the editor: Black, minority-owned businesses need to be online to thrive in new economy


It's the 21st century, and Black-owned businesses as a whole are not utilizing the benefits of an online presence. During a time where sites like Wix host free limited websites and social media platforms including Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn are free to use and set up, offering millions in potential traffic that you can access, Black-owned businesses and startups do not have a strong presence online.

In an economy where people are preferring to have less contact such as contactless spending and social distancing, many minority-owned businesses are not equipped to make a cashless sale. It's imperative to remain open during this pandemic; you utilize technology more or risk getting left behind.

Millennials may have already been prepared for these moments. Many of us have read "The 4-Hour Work Week" by Tim Ferriss. The book describes less physical work and day-to-day operations of a business by performing more at-home work or work while you travel options, all from technology advances found in a gadget. More and more store fronts and traditional offices are closing both locally and nationwide in an effort to adjust to the current business atmosphere. Larger companies and corporations are enjoying the larger profit margins from the reduced overhead that comes from delegating tasks to employees who now work from home.

The digital age isn't going anywhere, so, instead of complaining, learn to use this opportunity to your advantage. Think of the expanded market your businesses can reach. Increased client interaction through social media is a sure way to increase your sales and/or bring brand recognition. Set up your business to operate as many components of the business digitally as possible. In a socially distanced world where decreased human interaction and contact is the new norm, increasing digital usage and increased technology advances will prove to be a major boost in business that you will need to thrive.


Co-founder & COO, Sumter Black Chamber of Commerce