Letter to the editor: Children deserve bright future, not brainwashing


S.C. children and families deserves better than what we have. We must remove those who desire to implement racist ideology into our school systems, communities and society from office and from power and influence and to call them out every time they attempt to inject their leftism into our institutions.

Critical Race Theory is a derivative of Critical Theory (base Marxist philosophy).

The Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning is a leading national organization forging the way in implementing Transformative Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) at every level of education in America.

Their stated purpose is to use SEL as a "lever for advancing educational equity." It sounds great, however, these "educators" speak in euphemisms, vague flowery language and key words and phraseology of the modern-day left, and from my initial assessment and inquiry, I'm finding that this program/concept is nearly identical to that of Critical Race Theory. This is all about implementing the left's version of "Social Justice," or Social Injustice, more accurately. Our "educators," our school districts and faculty should be very aware that they will no longer be able to operate and implement their racist and divisive ideology anymore. Good American Moms and Dads across this country are awake and are now fully paying attention. It's about time we undo what the Boomers and Gen X's allowed to happen and to prepare our kids not to distrust and hate each other through CRT and SEL, but to prepare them for their future, an economically competitive future.

Our kids deserve better and they deserve a bright future, not leftist brainwashing.

Stay woke, S.C. parents!