Letter to the editor: CSX has responsibility to keep railroad tracks safe


The railroad tracks in Sumter, South Carolina, were constructed during the time of the Civil War in America.

This railroad system was built primarily by enslaved African-Americans. It is truly remarkable that these same railroad tracks are still being used by passenger and freight trains every day in this country, more than a century later.

It is crucial to mention that a considerable number of these railroad tracks, due to advanced aging, are deteriorating due to rotten railroad ties and dislodged, displaced and oftentimes missing railroad spikes.

The Family Unit Inc. has alerted and informed the CSX Railroad Corp. of these very dangerous conditions that exist at the railroad tracks which threaten the lives and well-being of the residents of the City of Sumter, Sumter County and beyond. So far, the CSX Corp. has been silent on this matter.

The City of Sumter and Sumter County governmental officials have been quiet on this matter also and have made no effort to enlighten and inform the CSX Railroad Corp. that it is accountable and responsible for the safety and sustainability of the railway that it owns that runs in and through this community.

The elected and appointed governmental officials of the City of Sumter and Sumter County must diligently and fervently advocate for the safety and well-being of all of the people of our community with courage, honesty, transparency, truth and forthrightness, no matter what it takes!

Interstate commerce is important; this is undeniable. However, municipalities do have the right to demand that their citizens are protected against any and all danger or maladies that may come as the result of this said interstate commerce.

Our governmental officials must realize that the safety and welfare of the people in our community are worth standing up for and defending to the fullest degree.


The Family Unit Inc., a 501(c)(3), nonprofit, charitable organization