Letter to the editor: MLB - Major League Bullies should stay out of politics and play fairly


Major League Baseball (MLB) has decided to move the All-Star game from Atlanta this summer because Georgia passed a bill that would help guarantee accuracy in future voting. Who does not want accuracy in voting? Oh yeah, liars and cheaters. MLB should stay out of politics and manage "America's pastime" better. Now MLB has become a playground bully. "If you don't play my way and I can't win, I will take my ball and go home." Sound familiar? Such a desire for control is destructive. The far left that cries out for tolerance is anything but tolerant. Such hypocrisy!

I love baseball, and attending an All-Star game is on my "bucket list." I had a ticket to this year's game since my son lives in Atlanta and purchased them for us. He will get a refund for our tickets, but he must show a photo ID to get the refund (required by MLB). They are being hypocritical bullies. They don't want photo IDs required for voting, but they require one for a refund.

I have never attended a World Series in person, and that is on my "bucket list" as well. If the Braves make it to the World Series, I hope to make it to Georgia if the bullies don't interfere.

Play ball! (fairly)