LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Online school is great option for students during pandemic


COVID-19 cases are continuing to rise across South Carolina. As the number of cases rise, the realistic odds of students safely returning to in-person learning next month goes down. But many parents are still concerned about the quality of education their child will receive.

There's a difference between the emergency virtual learning experience many schools provided this spring in comparison to virtual charter schools. A dedicated online school knows how to do virtual learning right and make it work. I know, because I attended South Carolina Virtual Charter School.

From my experience, online school leads students to be self-motivated in their studies and to problem solve on their own. Also, there's always a teacher available to guide you and answer questions whenever you need it.

By the time I graduated, I knew how to organize on my own and how to learn and study at my own pace while staying on top of my work. This self-motivation is pushing me to pursue a career I'm passionate about. Now, I'm a Certified Dental Assistant and am furthering my education by starting a Dental Hygiene program this fall.

I truly believe that online school is a great option for students. Consider the many options available for families to choose from when you decide which classroom your child is going to in the fall. Online school is an option that works.