Letter to the editor: Trustees trying to bring some sanity back to schools


This is response to the nice lady who wrote a letter to the editor on Aug. 26, titled "Lives are more important than possible funding."

I can't fill a page like she did, so I will hit the highlights of her letter.

She seems to think that "numerous students are not eating lunch because of the scary setting that they are faced with during their lunch periods." I assume that the next paragraph is still referring to these same students when she claims "children are literally starving themselves and/or are out sick and/or are possibly leaving this Earth?"

Next, she provides her children with Lysol wipes to wipe down their desks and chairs. I admire her for providing her children with wipes. I wonder why her daughter didn't have time to clean her area. It would be nice if all parents would provide all the items that they think their children ought to have. That way they don't have to depend on the schools to provide everything that a parent believes is necessary.

Her son is asthmatic, her husband is asthmatic, her mother has lupus and her 1-year-old has seizures every time she gets sick. Her daughter had the virus when she was 10 years old because of "a careless family member placed several of the family at risk."

She is claiming that if things aren't done "right" there will be lawsuits, parents keeping their children home and parents protesting outside of schools.

I have a solution that you haven't thought about. I think that because of the illnesses in your family that maybe your family needs to stay home until this pandemic is over. They can wear three masks if you want them to. Don't allow those "careless family members" to visit you. You seem like an intelligent person, so maybe you can home school your children. I understand your children are your "entire world," so it's only right to do the best you can to protect them from the outside world.

Since you are a praying woman, please try to forgive those "school board of trustees" for trying to bring some form of sanity back in our schools. Can you warn us when you plan on "protesting outside of the schools"? Some people like me want to go and stand on the other side of the street to show support those other "board trustees." Everyone doesn't think like you. I wish the best for your family.