Letter to the editor: Woman's sentence is example of injustice


There can be no more glaring example of injustice in our country than the 4-year sentence received by local community activist, Mrs. Brittany Martin. She led protests in 2020 after the murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. She was convicted of breach of the peace of an aggravated nature. She did use foul language but did not destroy any private property, try to overthrow the government, physically fight police authorities or use any potentially lethal weapon. For those of you who truly want to advance our nation, this is the time to stand up and do all we can to ameliorate this injustice. The message that we are receiving from this action is that only lip service is being paid to the "One Sumter" slogan, and the whole campaign is just a subterfuge for conducting community affairs in the same "good ol' boy" fashion.