Letter: Trump's vision of America revels in conflict


Our country is floundering like a pilotless ship on a stormy sea because she is being misled by a president whose moral compass is broken.

Caging children, denigrating immigrants, disrespecting women, promoting non-scientific theories about COVID-19 and constructing barriers are examples of the misdirection of our country.

As the Divider in Chief, Trump's vision of America revels in conflict. He delights in pitting Black and brown people against white people. Further he winks and nods at white supremacists, and in 2020, he elevates relics of the Confederacy.

If Trump is not defeated in November, he will continue damaging the credibility of the United States, and he will erode the probability that justice will be an inalienable right of all who call this country home.

There is false security in assuming that current polls foretell the outcome of the November presidential election because Trump and his associates are not known for fair play. I predict that they will employ trickery to influence the outcome of the election.

There are two additional election challenges in 2020: conducting the election safely as we face COVID-19 and overcoming voter suppression.

We must preach that Every Vote Matters, and we must articulate the mechanics of maximizing voter turnout, precinct by precinct.

I am reminded of the words of Langston Hughes, "I, Too, Sing America." To enjoy the promise of this nation, we must vote responsibly.