Letter: What could Republicans achieve if Democrats hadn't won?


We are now embroiled in Democrat lunacy attempting to impeach the most successful president in decades, if not ever. I have heard a steady stream of unsupported allegations regarding the events at the Capitol last week. In opposition, I offer the following factual list of President Trump's accomplishments in his first four years. Compare them to the paucity of Biden's accomplishments in almost five decades.

This is a selected list due to space constraints. There are many more:

1 - Violence has fallen every year in office until the recent riots.

2 - USA became petroleum self-sufficient and the largest provider of oil.

3 - Pharmacists are required to share cost-reducing information.

4 - Provide the ability of states and victims to fight online sex trafficking via the FOSTA ACT.

5 - Allowed drug imports from Canada.

6 - Health care providers must now disclose their costs.

7 - Drug prices have declined year by year.

8 - White House VA helpline for veterans.

9 - VA released 4,000 employees for poor performance.

10 - A plan to provide veterans access to mental health interventions.

11 - Largest military pay increase (3 1/2%) in 10 years.

12 - Permitting small businesses to group up to buy insurance.

13 - First Step Act judicial reform for fairer sentencing.

14 - Increased Historically Black Colleges and Universities funding.

15 - Decreased poverty rate of 11.8% - a 17-year low.

16 - African-American poverty rate fell to an all-time low.

17 - $124 million provided to rebuild rural water systems.

18 - Seven million-plus jobs created. (Prior to COVID-19)

19 - School choice opportunities expanded and funded with $42 million so students can escape failing schools and prepare for a better life.

20 - Farm aid amounting to $12 billion provided to secure our food supply.

21 - "Ready to Work Initiative" to aid prisoners' return to society and connect them to employers.

22 - Opportunity Zones designated in 8,764 communities and investment incentives provided in low-income areas.

23 - Over $1 trillion overseas investment returning to the USA.

24 - Manufacturing was growing the fastest in 30 years prior to COVID-19.

25 - Household income was at highest level ever prior to COVID-19.

26 - African-American unemployment was at a record low prior to COVID-19.

27 - Hispanic-American unemployment was at a record low prior to COVID-19.

28 - Asian-American unemployment was at a record low prior to COVID-19.

29 - Women's unemployment was at a record low prior to COVID-19.

30 - Youth unemployment was at a 50-year low - prior to COVID-19.

31 - A record number of regulations crippling small business were eliminated.

32 - Able-bodied adults with no children were required to work by welfare reform.

33 - The number of less expensive generic drugs was increased.

34 - The U.S. Embassy in Israel was moved to Jerusalem.

35 - A new, favorable trade deal with Mexico and Canada was signed.

36 - Tariffs imposed on China.

37 - Negotiated between Israel and UAE the first Arab treaty in 25 years.

What is wrong with the American voter that we would impeach a president with this record? There are many more examples of President Trump's success, but you get the idea. There is a correct saying that states: "Be careful what you want because you might get it." My belief is that we will look back in the future and realize what a mistake was made. Seventy-four million of us tried to avoid that with no success. What could we have achieved if the Democrats had not been such a headwind? In four years, let's look at their list of successes and evaluate their performance.