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Reflections by Sammy Way: Memorial Day: Remembering fallen heroes

Posted 5/26/19




According to a Memorial Day website,, Memorial Day was originally called Decoration Day and was designated to remember …

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Reflections by Sammy Way: Memorial Day: Remembering fallen heroes





According to a Memorial Day website,, Memorial Day was originally called Decoration Day and was designated to remember those who died while serving the United States of America.

The site notes that there are more than two dozen cities and communities that claim to be the birthplace of Memorial Day; however, Waterloo, New York, was officially declared the birthplace by President Lyndon B. Johnson in May of 1966. Research indicates that no definitive conclusion has been reached as to the actual site.

Memorial Day was recognized in the northern states by 1880; however, the South refused to acknowledge the date, preferring to honor their dead on a different date. This tradition continued until after World War I, when both parties decided that the current date, May 30, would be designated to honor all Americans who died fighting in any war.

Historians generally agree that the catalyst for Memorial Day was the Civil War and the desire to honor those who died in this massive conflict. It was officially proclaimed on May 5, 1868, by Gen. John Logan, national commander of the Grand Army of the Republic in his General Order No. 11. "The 30th of May, 1868, was designated for the purpose of strewing flowers or otherwise decorating the graves of comrades who died in defense of their country during the late rebellion, and whose bodies now lie in almost every city, village and hamlet, churchyard in the land," according to his order. The date of Decoration Day, as he called it, was chosen because it wasn't the anniversary of any particular battle.

The community of Sumter has sent hundreds of their sons and daughters to protect and defend their land and ideals and pause each year to remember those who have fallen. This issue of Reflections will publish a list of names of those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their nation beginning with World War 1 and continuing to the conflicts in the Middle East. We encourage our readers to visit the Sumter County military display located in the James Clyburn Intermodal Transportation Center on Harvin Street from 2 to 5 p.m. this Monday and from 2 to 4 p.m. each Sunday and every Friday from 8 a.m. until noon. We encourage all veterans or family members to provide photographs of those who have served in the military for placement on the "Wall of Honor" located at the display. Individuals do not have to be Sumter natives only to have served. All original photos will be returned as soon as possible. Anyone with questions may contact Sammy Way at (803) 774-1294 for further information.

The following names are engraved on the Mabry Memorial on U.S. 378 near the first entrance of Shaw Air Force Base.

WORLD WAR I (1917-1918)

Anderson, Walter

Baker, Samuel C.

Boykin, Ben

Brown, George R.

Burgin, Joseph S.

Burkett, Hugh

Butler, Alex

Cantey, Alex

Casey, Pasco

Davis, David

Davis, James H.

Davis, Sack M.

Davis, Willie

Duncan, Howard

Evans, James D.

Gadsen, Frank

Gettis, Thomas

Green, Richard

Heriot, James D.

Humphries, Willie K.

Gillespie, Carson

Jenkins, Carson G.

Jenkins, Hasker

Lang, Williams

McLeod, Marion L.

McMillan, John

Mitchell, Adam

Mitchell, John A.

Myers, Thomas J.

Nelson, George

Owens, John M.

Parnell, John B.

Purdy Jr., Robert O.

Ravenel Jr., Theodore D.

Ray, Lucius

Ryan, John B.

Sanders, Thomas O.

Saunders, William H.

Scriven, Segar

Sharper, West

Shaw, Ervin D.

Sims, George D.

Smith, Edward

Vaughn, Francis

Wheeler, Samuel

White, Philip

Wilson, Alex

Withers, Marion D.

Young, DePriest

WORLD WAR II (1941-1945)

Adams, Lafayette B.

Allen, Roger A.

Amerson, Charles E.

Arnold, Lloyd

Atkinson Jr., Maxwell M.

Baker, Samuel L.

Baldwin, Vernon W.

Bass, James T.

Batty, Jack G. W.

Benenhaley, Claude

Blackmon, Earle W.

Bowman Jr., Paul K.

Boykin, Harold R.

Bradley, Curtis M.

Bradley, Wallace M.

Brunson, Billie A.

Brunson, Clarence L.

Brutsch, James B.

Burgess, William S.

Burns Jr., Alwin C.

Burns, Otto W.

Burns, William H.

Canty, Lee

Clarke, Frank K.

Coker, Harry C.

Dabbs, Richard F.

Dargin, Moses

Davis, Ransom J.

Davis, William R.

Dicks, Elmer

Dorn Jr., Olin G.

DuBose, James M.

Ehmig Jr., Herman A.

Folsom Jr., John B.

Gadson, William D.

Galloway, James R.

Garrett. Walter

Geddings, Levy

Gerald, John P.

Gibbons, William E.

Gleaton, Bill D.

Goldman, Carl S.

Green, B. T.

Grumbles, James A.

Guyton, Graham G.

Hampton, Thomas E.

Harrell, Louie Edward

Hatfield, Jr. Arthur J.

Hillman, Jr. James

Hilton, John W.

Holder, Arthur M.

Hood, Earl A.

Hutchings Jr., Thomas L.

Hynes, Jessie T.

Ingram, Griff

Jackson, James A.

Jackson Jr., James A.

Jameson, James L.

Johnson, Arthur L.

Johnson, Walter

Jones, James A.

King, Hubert E.

Lane, Willie

Langston, Everette V.

Lauderdale, Robert Y.

Lawrence, William I.

Leffler, Royal E.

Lemmon, Thomas W.

Lenoir Jr., David G.

Lenoir, William W.

Lesesne, Charles P.

Lindley, James M.

Logan, William E.

Marshall, Earl H.

Mathis Jr., Nicholas

Matthews, Adger S.

Mims, Joseph E.

Mitchum, Clarence W.

Moise Jr., Edwin W.

Mooneyhan, Joseph F.

Myers, Glenn D.

McCathern, Ralph H.

McCormick, Robert L.

McIntosh, Charles L.

Nathaniel, Samuel G.

Newman, Francis D.

Owens, William E.

Pack, Jessie B.

Palmer, Joe B.

Parker Jr., Boney B.

Parker, George W.

Phelps, Perry M.

Phifer, William L.

Phillips, Lewis W.

Player, James D.

Plowden, Lee E.

Poole, Laton

Preston, Johnnie

Ray, Teddy E.

Reed Jr., Thomas C.

Rembert, Andre

Rembert, John

Riles, Bernard G.

Robinson, Ruby

Rogers, Irvin J.

Rowland Jr., Simon K.

Sanders, Larry W.

Sargent, Joseph

Seay, Claude T.

Smith, Daniel C.

Smith, Harvey E.

Smith, Samuel B.

Steele Harold N.

Truett, Edward T.

Truluck, Eugene C.

Turbeville, Carroll E.

Vaughn, Willie C.

Vining, James O.

Wactor, Capers R.

Way, Pete

Wells, Clarence

White Jr., Joseph E.

White, Lewis C.

Wilder, John F.

Willis, Mack T.

Wilson, Haynie M.

Wilson, Herbert

Wilson, Ossie C.

Windham, George S.

Windham, Henry H.

Wright, Abraham



Ange, Luther M.

Adger, Willie L.

Blankenship, Clinton L.

Bragg, Charles T.

Copeland Jr., Jiles P.

Isaac, Herbert

McDaniels Jr., Henry

Moise, MacFaddin

Moses, Vivian

Reid, Milton M.

Riles, Charles L.

Tindal, Larry L.

Warren, Richard I.



Anderson, Warren

Anton, Terry L.

Brogdon, Margie

Cain Jr., Robert

Cato III, Herbert H.

Clark, Charles

Coleman, Wyman B.

Geddings, John H.

Girard, Charles J.

Green Jr., David N.

Haines, Aderene L.

Hammond, Leland E.

Harvin, Jimmie L.

Henry, William J.

Howell, Robert L.

Hynds Jr., Wallace G.

Lakaxzus, Helmut G.

Lindsey, Marvin

McCoy, Elec

McFadden Jr., Carl

Means, William H.

Nickens, James

Nunnery, Clarence E.

Schellin, James W. F.

Smalls, Terry S.

Smith, Harold M.

Stewart, Robert H.

Stonebraker, Robert A.

Stubberfield, Robert A.

Taylor Jr., Preston

Touchberry Jr., Miles D.

White, Ben

Williams, Frank N.

Young, Barclay B.

PERSIAN GULF WAR (Jan. 16-Apr 11, 1991)

Cormier, Dale T.


Jones, Anthony G.


Tate, Sheldon L.

Bubacz, Andrew S.