Men arrested after wrong-number text to Sumter County deputy for marijuana sale

Fake rendezvous reveals marijuana, cash


Everyone fears sending those dreaded wrong-numbers texts, but one suspected drug dealer should have double-checked before hitting send to a number he thought was a customer. Wrong number. It was a Sumter County deputy.

The deputy did not even have to try to go undercover when he received a text from someone about 2 p.m. on Thursday asking to sell marijuana.

Quinton Marqise Jackson, 21, and Michael Shannon were arrested and Carlos Tarell Wilson, 30, of Sumter, was cited, charged and released after the fake rendezvous.

After replying to the text and contacting the Sumter County Sheriff's Office Drug Unit, the two agreed to meet at a location on Broad Street. The then-unknown texter gave a description of the vehicle he would be in, according to Ken Bell, public information officer for the sheriff's office.

"About 4:40 p.m., a vehicle matching the description of the one the unknown texter said he would be in pulled into the agreed location with four people inside," Bell said. "Deputies immediately conducted a traffic stop."

Bell said deputies smelled marijuana "as soon as they approached the vehicle."

A search of the vehicle revealed a clear plastic bag with what appeared to be 1 ounce of marijuana, another clear plastic bag with about 21 grams of suspected marijuana, a third clear plastic bag with bout 5.8 grams of suspected marijuana and a fourth with about 2 grams.

Two digital scales, a box of sandwich bags, three cellphones and $269.55 were also reportedly located in the vehicle and were confiscated.

Wilson, who was identified as the driver, was charged with possession of marijuana. He was charged and released.

Jackson was charged with possession with intent to distribute, and Shannon was charged with possession of marijuana. They were both transported to Sumter

County Sheriff's Office Detention Center, where they are awaiting bond hearings.

A fourth person in the vehicle was not charged.