No new political third party will solve all problems


This is a response to the letter from Mr. Damm concerning a third political party. There is a third party. And a fourth, fifth and sixth. I identify with one of these, but I can also tell you that none of them will solve the problems you listed. Let me list the reasons why they can't be solved.

1. Humans are prone to evil, and when they are given power, they will use it for evil.

2. No amount of money can fix society the way you want it. Our culture, at its root, is composed of millions of voluntary transactions by people of different genders, races, religions and sexual orientations. Government should step back and let it run itself. That's call laissez faire economics, or Austrian school economics. Read about it.

3. Immigration isn't a problem. It has never been a problem. And pretending a wall is going to stop anything is foolish. The true problem is the neverending welfare state, including corporate welfare and farmer subsidies.

4. We are at war because it is profitable. The military industrial complex is massive and lines the pockets of politicians. That's why we are constantly interfering in foreign affairs and never leaving Afghanistan.

Government can't fix the things you listed no matter who you elect.