Officials say they were made scapegoats in prison escape


ST. GEORGE - The warden and associate warden of a South Carolina prison where an inmate got an 18-hour head start on his escape are suing the state saying they were made scapegoats.

Joseph McFadden was the warden and James Blackwell was the associate warden at maximum security Lieber Correctional Institute in Ridgeville when Jimmy Causey escaped on July 4.

The lawsuits say McFadden was demoted and Blackwell was forced to retire after the escape. Both men say they weren't at the prison when Causey escaped and investigations found no major security problems at the prison.

Causey escaped using wire cutters dropped into the prison grounds by drone. He had a dummy under the covers in his cell, similar to what he had done when he escaped a Columbia prison in 2005.