On the COVID recruiting trail Part 2


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High school football players across the country are fighting to be seen on the recruiting trail during a pandemic that has taken away their chances to be seen by coaches across the country. The Sumter Item met with football players from Sumter, Lakewood and Crestwood who have had their recruiting process affected by the coronavirus pandemic to see how they've maneuvered through this process.


NOTEWORTHY OFFERS: Committed to East Carolina in March and has 23 offers from NCAA Division I schools.

What would not being able to play football in the fall mean to you?

It would be heartbreaking not to play, but things go on, so we're going to work and get to college in December or January. It's a game we all love, and I think it would be difficult for everybody.

Why have you made that decision that regardless you're going to go to college for the spring semester?

It's like I said, time goes on, it's time to get better. No need for me to stay back another year. It's time for me to hit the ground running.

With coronavirus shutting things down, do you feel like you've missed out on the recruiting process a little bit?

I wouldn't say I missed out, but I missed things as an individual, but relationship with the coaches are still cool. They'll reach out to me, facetime me.

Since you've never been to the campus, what made you decide on East Carolina?

I felt needed and wanted there. I was building a relationship with them.


NOTEWORTHY OFFERS: Only offer so far is to Otterbein University.

What would not being able to play football in the fall mean to you?

It would mean a lot because I really want to play. I only have one offer right now.

How do you think it would affect your recruiting if coaches weren't able to get out and see you play in person?

I mean I would just have to go to Otterbein or something like that, and I really want to get somewhere big.

If football is canceled in the fall and moved to the spring, and you're still holding the offer from Otterbein, would you stay or go to college (and enroll early)?

I'd stick around just so I can get more offers. I still want to play my senior season.

How has the change in recruiting due to the coronavirus pandemic affected you?

I can't go to camps so they can see me in person; I can't do none of that. Everything is online.