On the COVID recruiting trail Part 3


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High school football players across the country are fighting to be seen on the recruiting trail during a pandemic that has taken away their chances to be seen by coaches across the country. The Sumter Item met with football players from Sumter, Lakewood and Crestwood who have had their recruiting process affected by the coronavirus pandemic to see how they've maneuvered through this process.


NOTEWORTHY OFFERS: Lawrence Technological University

How has the pandemic affected your recruiting process?

It kind of sucks to be honest. I wanted to show these recruiters a new and improved me. Show them I'm not the same me from last year. I've grown and developed into a new person, I work harder, play harder.

What would missing out on football this fall do for your plans to play in college?

Man, it would be awful for me. I wanted to get more offers this year, because it's my senior year. I need more on my plate, more choices, more full rides.

If football season was moved to the spring, would you potentially accept one of your offers and enroll in college in the spring, skipping your senior season in the process?

That's a hard question, right there. I really don't know yet. That's something I've got to think about.

How much are all of the unknowns making this process more difficult?

It's just complicated getting seen and all that, you know? Getting in touch with coaches. For me, I try to send out film to different colleges, DI, DII, DII, NAIA so I can get looked at more and get more offers and more scholarships, because I don't really care where I go to if I get a full ride, then I'm good."